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This philosophy not only applies to politics and religion, but to women as well. While I echo this sentiment, its important to realize that there are several other metrics involved in selecting the nicest asses in gaming. In addition to size, tightness and overall shape will also be taken into consideration. Bonus points will be awarded in accordance to how prominently the asses are featured in their respective games.

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Mai Shiranui is another character that gets so much attention for her bustline that her bottom half is often ignored. When Overwatched was still in beta, a fast-moving character named Tracer had a victory pose in which she would face away from the camera and playfully look back over her shoulder.

The pose itself was not overtly sexual, but her tight clothing made it apparent that she had a butt.

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A single complaint was all it took for Blizzard to remove the pose. Miranda Lawson is a well-traveled informant with a vast network of contacts. Her resources prove to be quite useful, and she provides her allies with advice and guidance during their missions.

Needless to say, these de choices are greatly appreciated and did not go unnoticed. Mass Effect? More like ASS Effect, amirite? While the majority of video game characters attempt to appeal to the lowest common denominator, Samus has managed to avoid negative stereotypes.

Instead of flaunting her body around for everyone to see, Samus usually wears a powersuit that completely masks her figure. Zero Mission switched things up a bit with an extended sequence in which Samus loses her armor and is forced to venture forward wearing a skin-tight blue jumpsuit.

This outfit would not be fully appreciated until it was modeled in Super Smash Bros. Many gamers were taken aback by just how shapely Samus looked when rendered in three dimensions. Evidently, all the crawling around Samus did in Zero Mission did wonders for her figure. Like many pro wrestlers, Rainbow Mika dresses in elaborate outfits that are specifically deed big butt games show off her figure. Her colorful leotards are not especially out of place, and there are many Street Fighter characters who wear less clothes than she does.

Mika is known for her playful personality, and she enjoys taunting her opponents. One of the ways she does this is by smacking her fat ass in a derisive manner. It would be hard to view this action as anything other than a playful gesture, but Capcom felt compelled to remove the taunt from the game because some people are intimidated by empowered women.

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Mika was sexy enough to send ripples through the entire gaming community! Thankfully, Bayonetta has other assets that remind me of Stacy Keibler, too! Bayonetta has ridiculously long legs, and she knows how to use them. Considering the intense workout she gives her legs, it only makes sense that she would have a well-toned butt. She spends most of her time obsessing over her busty peers, but she eventually realizes that she was blessed in other ways.

This included important issues like aspect ratios, texture, and other butt-related topics. From the moment that Twintelle was announced as a character in ARMSfans began to question if the game should be named for a different part of the anatomy. Her gigantic ass would make even Nicki Minaj feel inadequate, and her waist is roughly the diameter of one of her thighs.

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As Twintelle struts around in her heels, she swings her ass in an exaggerated manner and punctuates her movements by placing her hands on her hips. Any connoisseur can tell you that size and shape alone do not a nice ass make. Her massive backside is constantly on display, her thong leotard highlights her impossible hourglass figure, and she swiggles her hips in an exaggerated fashion when she big butt games.

The thing that impresses me the most is how her flab stretches and contracts with every move she makes. Do you agree with this list? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below. Your opinion matters! Night Mode. Mika Street Fighter Series. Schneider P. Prev Racks. Next Midriffs. Show Comments. This site uses cookies to personalize user experiences and analyse traffic. By continuing, you consent to their use. More information about how cookies are used and controlled can be found within our privacy policy. Ok Privacy Policy.

Big butt games

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Best Butts in Gaming: A Look at Lower Halves