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You eat, sleep, and breath sexy text-based adventure games. You wake up and get your morning grind of Corruption of Champions in before settling down for some Monster Girl Quest later that same afternoon. Your lust for these chicks is almost, if not equal to, your desire for fun gameplay and engaging stories with well-written dialog. But finding new and exciting games like the ones I mentioned can be harder than getting through that damned minotaur base in CoC. It took me coc tfgames forever. Anyway, yeah, it feels like these games are few and far between. All the site owners asks is that you hit up their patreon and donate to keep this great resource running.

These guys bring in over 3 million views on a monthly basis. The site itself has been around since back inso there is a pretty large archive of content on the site to explore as well. It makes the site much easier to read. The home is set up sort of like a forum. There are six sections here. And each link has a good bit of important information included. They tell you what the game is called, what platform you can play it on, who made the game, and how many likes the community has given coc tfgames game.

There are a variety of different platforms here. The most popular is probably HTML. You simply download the HTML link and play the game right there in your browser. Very, very comprehensive here. I fucking love it. But, as with most community-based sites, there will be a wide variety of fantastic games, as well as some pretty shitty ones thrown in there. It was probably my favorite out of the dozen coc tfgames so I tried out. And, below all of that, there is a link to ing the community Discord server. To take us back to the home again, the community tab has links to the forum and chat rooms for the site.

Both of these are pretty standard, though you will be required to to view these s. The forum has a bunch of different thre about certain games, themes, users, and discussions. Definitely not some ghost town like other forum s can be. And the chat section is what you would expect. Various chat rooms about different topics. Surprisingly Workable Mobile Site I was surprised to see that an attempt was made to make the format work on mobile devices.

Usually, a community-supported site like this one tend to lack in that specific department. The links on the home are large enough to be readable without zooming in. Though you may have to do some of that if you want to view places like the forum. You might experience some bugs depending on the game. Having such an engaged community helps these developers release new, exciting, and experimental content that you would never see elsewhere.

It also helps that the site is incredibly well organized and comprehensive when it comes to the games on the site. Everyone gets credit and all of the details needed are there for users. It took me forever to get my activated so that I could view the forum and chat rooms.

That could be off-putting for new users especially. Also, continue working on the mobile site de. Coc tfgames love these kinds of games, and I never knew there was such a large audience of people out there creating these titles. Not only is the content on this site unique and sexy, but it is also a good fucking site.

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Coc tfgames

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