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For those curious, this is conveyed through in-game events in addition to the opening disclaimer. Yuu may have a bit of experience experimenting with crossdressing, but when a mix up leaves him wearing his sister's clothes one day, he finds himself catching eyes - and hearts too! Meanwhile, Kiriya is a shy boy who's only talked to Yuu in passing a few times; and certainly not while he was crossdressing! At first he even mistakes him cross love game a girl Plenty of hijinx lay ahead for our quirky lovers!

Cross Love is a short, kinetic yaoi visual novel that features plenty of laughs, cute scenes, and of course - lewd ones too. You will get access to the following files:. Log in with itch. Please add the Russian language to the game, I am very sorry that the game did not get into steam! Why is it their eye color changes in screen shots and video?

Wearing eye contacts too? The guy not cross dressing eyes also seem to change ever so slightly? The background posters being uncentered cross love game be a bit unnerving for your ocd players. The text running away is also a bit jarring. The cross dresser looks off with hands on upper thighs instead of hips. I'll probably come back to this to see if these are fixed and, or answered and maybe buy it then.

We're interested in doing future episodes but will need to change our approach to doing so because of the unexpected removal from Steam last year. I'm enjoying the game so far, but there's no key manual etc. How do we hide the textbox etc?

Thanks again for the update; increasing the textbox opacity really made a difference for me. Still a lot of typos, though, mostly minor spelling errors but, like, what even is this sentence lol. But anyway, I enjoyed it. Once it gets past the flimsy premise, it's a sweet little romance. Are you planning to follow these characters in future episodes, or is it going to be more of a collection of different short stories?

I got this on Nutaku, who still doesn't allow a support ticket. Just wanted to let you know that it was a very touching love story. You really took the time to develop the characters. I look forward to how things continue with these two men. Thank you very much for the kind words, I'm really glad you enjoyed the game.

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Nutaku does have a support ticket system actually, is it not working for this game? If so I'll shoot them over an. Bought this on Nutaku, but since you can't leave comments there, I'll give you my feedback here on the problems with the UI:. We'll fix this in our next patch - Nutaku's current build is actually behind a version as well, so please keep that in mind.

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If so this is the same as the above issue with increasing the font size, so it's something we'll fix in the next patch, it's again just a quick fix. Overall, apologies if the UI was hard to read at points. None of our playtesters expressed this, but since is left to personal opinion we can understand that. We'll see about adding more options in the next patch in order to maybe makes things clearer, maybe an option to replace the textbox with a more basic one.

Overall, we hope you cross love game the game regardless! Apologies for these small issues, we'll address them in a new patch within the next few days since none of these are big issues. Thanks for your reply! Are you 18 years of age or older? Remember my setting for this browser. Yes, I am 18 or older or Return to itch. Cross Love - Episode 1. Charming, pretty, and More information. You will get access to the following files: CrossLoveEp1. Nov 24, Comments Log in with itch. GreedyGreed 14 days ago. Will there be an episode 2?

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Or are we just going to stay at episode 1? Alix Lepinay 1 year ago. Stellar Mini 2 years ago 2 edits Sandpixie 2 years ago. Top Hat Studios, Inc. Deleted post 2 years ago. Deleted 1 year ago. Hi there, we saw your message on twitter and will get back to you ASAP. Deleted 2 years ago. Nathan 2 years ago. RainbowKittyPaw 2 years ago 1 edit. Teatime for Cabbages 2 years ago.

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S 2 years ago. Bought this on Nutaku, but since you can't leave comments there, I'll give you my feedback here on the problems with the UI: Bad textbox padding - this is clear in some of your example screenshots where the text is trying to escape the right side of the textbox. Just increasing the right side padding by 20px would probably solve it completely.

Using white text for name tags and a white heart in the name tag box means longer names are partially invisible.

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Should probably use a different box without the heart for longer names. The fly-outs for auto, skip, etc. This might be just my opinion, but thin, light colored text on a patterned background is kind of hard to read. Also why are Yuu's eyes green in the sprites but blue in the CGs? Hi there, Thanks for the feedback.

I'll address everything I can here; 1 Sure, this was a slight oversight spacing-wise since we increased the font size prior to shipping the game, which in turn increased the margins. WindowsmacOSLinux.

Cross love game

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