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Parents' Ultimate Guide to Support our work! Corona Column 3 Use these free activities to help kids explore our planet, learn about global challenges, think of solutions, and take action. Kid reviews for Air Force One. Common Sense says Ford makes farfetched action-hero-prez electable. Based on our expert review.

Based on 16 reviews. Based on 31 reviews. Add your rating. Parents say 16 Kids say Teen, 15 years old Written by ArcticLava21 March 24, Parents note: this is a constant thriller that may be too intense for young and older .

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But then again, it really depends on the maturity of the. When president James Marshall Harrison Ford boards his private jet, he and the other passengers had no idea what they were getting into. Among those passengers are his brave, 12 year old daughter, Alice, and his wife. Suddenly, an assault begins. People who work for a nazi-like hitler organization hijack the jet. Several people are murdered in the initial attack. The president doesn't want to leave his family behind after he is in the escape pod. Knowing that he is a good fighter, he stays on the plane, despite the secret service's begging.

After things settle down, the people are trapped in a room with constant worry and harassment. Meanwhile, Harrison Ford is desperately trying to recover the plane and save the innocent people. There is death after death after death, so many people die! About 16 i dunno survive. There is some intense scenes that may really scare.

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Harrison Ford is portrayed as a loving, brave, dad. Some of the graphics are unrealistic, there are slow bullets, and some weird decisions, but overall this movie is worth seeing. I have a spoiler below, look at your own risk. The family the young girl and mom both survive. I thought this was worth including, since they are both very brave. And God, it'd be sad to see them die. Poor Harrison Ford. This review Helped me decide 1. Had useful details 1. Read my mind 1. Report this review.

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Teen, 13 years old Written by Java Joe May 7, I'm thirteen myself and I have to say this movie was a bit inappropriate for me it contains pretty brutal cold blooded killing and also a scene where the main terrorist Gary Oldman cruelly kills a woman to make the president do something rash and reveal himself. The only swearing I really paid any attention to was the president frequently saying goddamn. Read my mind. Teen, 13 years old Written by TeenFreak July 27, Why is this rated R?!?!

But honestly, for my first R rated movie I expected much more violence and swearing. It was less violent than Mission Impossible which is rated PG I think this movie is awesome to watch with your family and it deserves a PG rating. There are some death threats and cussing, but I think watching it responsibly is not a problem. This title contains: Positive Messages. Positive role models. Helped me decide. Teen, 14 years old Written by Glowy August 5, I also like how everyone on the ground is working equally hard to save people.

I also like the fight scenes, and I like when Pres. Marshall finally gets off the plane and his family is safe. Underrated 90s action movie starring the President has violence This made-for-Harrison-Ford 90s action blockbuster is really force one adult games and highly underrated. It's one of my favorite action movies. It has violence, but that's it. The violence is only gunshots followed by blood spurts and sometimes wounds not very detailed. There is lots of violence, mainly in the beginning 30 minutes where there is lots of innocent people being killed.

Other than that, there isn't really any violence the rest of the movie. Violence in movies usually mean lots of gore seen, but all that's in this movie is blood, which really means this movie doesn't have lots of violence. It's all just the same blood spurt technique using squibs. My point in saying all that is that because the violence is just gun shots using squibs, this movie could be PG for violence.

This movie may be upsetting for younger viewers as well because many completely innocent people are shot and killed by terrorists, however the terrorists are killed in the end. If your child can handle movie like Indiana Jones they should be able to watch this movie. It's pretty much Die Hard but the action hero is also the President, and it's very enjoyable.

Kid, 11 years old July 26, How is this Rated R! This is a good movie I could have rated it 4 stars if the action didn't take place only in the plane. I can't believe this is Rated R. World War Z is PG and is way worse than this.

Deserves a PG Rating. The movie has swearing and lots of gun violence in a plane. Teen, 13 years old Written by mudshark February 9, Great action film and acting, but R rating seems fit Great movie overall, with fight scenes and great acting from Harrison Ford and Glenn Close. Many people are shot with blood effects: Bloody bullet holes, blood splattering on walls behind the victims, and blood briefly squirting and spraying out of bullet wounds when people are shot. Great movie. Watch it, but don't let kids see it. Teen, 15 years old Written by ReviewExpert January 5, You can also see red clouds in the air after some people are shot.

The movie is exciting, gripping, and suspenseful. After I finished the movie, it felt like I had only spent ten minutes. The force one adult games flew by really fast. A great movie for older teens. Air Force One is a suspenseful and exciting movie about the president's plane being hijacked.

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There is constant violence and blood shed but nothing gory but the terrorists do "execute" unarmed people on and off screen. Overall Air Force One is a great action movie perfect for older teens. Teen, 14 years old Written by peace.

R-rating is questionable: Excellent Movie for Teens and Adults! As old as this movie is, it is my new favorite!

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There is a lot of gory violence, so I would definitely not recommend it for sensitive teens. It is very suspenseful, even after you've already seen it several times. Harrison Ford is a wonderful actor and a great role model as President. If all Presidents had that much courage, our country would be very grateful.

I think although this storyline is very unlikely to occur, it does reflect some of the issues in our world today, which is what makes it entertaining. Obviously, I would not recommend terrorists as great role models, but I must mention that Gary Oldman does an amazing Russian accent. There is also a lot of strong language, but overall I do not think this should be rated R.

Teen, 14 years old Written by pickledwookiee December 21, I really liked this movie, and Harrison Ford did a great job as always. The role models are all positive except of course, the terrorist And the story has a good ending. But, I must warn everyone, that although this is an old R rating, it is mainly for the violence. People are shot down in the beginning and blood is seen spurting out onto shirts. But really, the worst parts are when every half an hour, the terrorist keeps his promise and executes one hostage by shooting them in the head. This happens to a women once, and is very hard to watch or listen too.

But, there are good role models portrayed by the President and Vice President as he makes hard decisions and stands for his Country and his Family. This is a great movie, just be careful of the violence and the Language. Positive Messages. Had useful details. Teen, 14 years old Written by TobeyMaguire May 21, This title contains: Positive role models. Kid, 12 years old May 3, Very good movie! Honeslty, this movie force one adult games have been PG If they took out one scene. We watched this as a family yesterday. Even my 10 year old brother saw it!

He's mature and he wasn't disturbed whatsoever. There is just some shooting, language, but not sex.

Force one adult games

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