Furry 3d game

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We use cookies to improve your experience using this site. More information. Anthrius is creating Adult furry 3D models, animations and VR games. Select a membership level. You become my benefactor : Thank you!

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You will be able to see here various drafts, attempts, tips, For example, if in one of my creations you are wondering how I did this or that Show more. Thanks thanks!

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You have decided to seriously encourage me in my creations, thank you! This tier will give you early access to creations that relate to resources that authorize it personal or with a commercial in phase. Just huge! I love you! Okay, I'm exaggerating a bit, but still Regards, Anthrius Enorme!

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Je vous aime! Cordialement, Anthrius. About Anthrius.

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Adult Furry 3D animator Adult VR furry game conceptor Fan of anthromorphic animals and more particularly wolves, tigers, dragons and horses. Always ready to throw me on all the films on these subjects However, please do not forget to mention the origin. Except for games : I ask you, in this case, before any broadcast, to ask for authorization, thx : In any case, thank you for not distributing anything in sites which can accept minors without making sure, first, that these works cannot be seen by them. The realization of the different creations takes time and money pc, set vr, If you are an animation deer and would like to see one of them in VR, please let me know!

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Furry 3d game

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