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Motherload is all about Digging through the layers of the earth, collecting the Minerals, Ores etc. This sounds Fun! Motherload offers gameplay and mechanics inspired by the popular Minecraft video game and allows you to enjoy the best 2D experience ever. Gameplay is quite easy and it lets you drive a drill deep beneath the surface and obtain a of different types of materials such as Ironium, Silverium, Bronzium and Goldium, collect lo of them and go back up to the surface to sell them and earn money. Buy upgrades such as Bombs, nanobots, drills and Fuel Tanks etc.

With a trule remarkable and exciting gameplay, beautiful 2D graphics etc. Motherload is one amazing game to play and enjoy. Starbounds fixes you up into the character of the protagonist who flies from his planet and crashes on another.

The game takes you to an amazing 2D procedurally generated game world and allows you to explore, craft different items such as weapons, armors, and other objects, fight against the enemies and enjoy being part of a wonderful world. Starbound lets you craft different weapons and tools for survival and allows you to fight against the enemies using different types of skills and tactics.

With a of challenging game levels, puzzles, quests, and missions, sandbox type layout, super cool 3D visuals and an immersive game-play, Starbound is a wonderful game to play. The game lets you be part of the game world with three basic tools, a pickaxe, a sword and a wood cutting axe and allows you to explore, gather resources and fight off your enemies. The game world games like motherload filled with things that would like to slay you so you need to be a bit more careful while exploring. As the game mainly focuses on night time game-play, the enemies attack at night, so you must be a bit more attentive to the details and your games like motherload.

Combats are normally melee type so you will have a better chance of earning the XP points that will help you buy some upgrades. Terraria is available to play on multiple platforms. The game lets you get into the game world empty handed and provides with a huge area of empty land and a mirror to modify your appearance. You are required to terraform the land, mine and collect resources, Build a whole city filled with Dungeons, tunnels, buildings, etc. Wurm Online allows you to go on epic quests and adventures, fight against the monsters and other humanly enemies, conquer their lands and resources and use them on the development of your own kingdom.

Wurm Online is a wonderful game to play and enjoy. A Valley Without Wind 2 is a marvelous piece of art, as compared to a lot of other titles of this specific genre. The game offers beautiful Action-Adventure, Strategy, RPG, Exploration, Crafting, Building and Platform aesthetics just like Starbound and lets you enjoy being part of a world where you can do almost everything you want.

A Valley Without Wind 2 lets you be a Mage who in search of some important info, infiltrates the inner most circle of Demonaica. Your task is to be the Mage, acquire the info, unlock the thrilling power of Immortality and finally defeat the Demonaica to save the world around you and the populace. With 2 brilliant main modes, varying difficulty levels, turn-based strategic game-play, wonderful quests, missions, brutal enemies and lot of other great things, A Valley Without Wind 2 is a super cool game to play and enjoy.

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Just like Starbound, Junk Jack X tasks you to survive in a procedurally generated world by simply, exploration, crafting, building etc. With a of fun and puzzling quests, amazing crafting abilities, super huge game world, great 3D visuals and a brilliantly engaging game-play, Junk Jack X is a really cool game to play and enjoy.

If you really want to enjoy amazing Starbound inspired gameplay and other aesthetics on your hand held devices, this game is your one best shot. Do try it out and be amazed at all the wonderful things it offers.

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The Sandbox takes the players to a world built entirely on the Laws of Physics and offers an access to over different elements. The game allows the players to get into the world, explore and use the elements to craft various items with all the freedom in the world. The Sandbox lets the players be apprentices of a Deity, explore the world, gather all the necessary resources and craft whatever and wherever they like and eventually create their own beautiful universe of Sandbox.

The game allows the players to have resources such as Water, Sand, Games like motherload, Soil, Lava, and Lightning as well as a lot of other types of resources. There are various other complex elements in the game such as Humans, mechanical beings, and wildlife that the players can interact with and use wherever they need.

Some of the coolest features of The Sandbox are Pixel Art Graphics, Availability of the game on all major platforms such as Android and iOS, smooth touch and tilt controls, 24 main campaigns and games like motherload exciting game levels, online gallery and lo of other great things to discover. Considering all things, The Sandbox is one fantastic Sandbox video game that offers plenty of room for the gameplay. Do give it a try, The Sandbox is fun playing. FortressCraft offers Sandbox gameplay developed by ProjectorGames.

It supports both Single and Multiplayer modes and takes place in randomly generated world. Minecraft, Dwarf Fortress, and Infiniminer inspires the game. Sixty-one different cubic blocks are included in the game and each with its unique properties. The ultimate task is to explore the game world, create or destroy whatever you want. Craft items and use them during gameplay. Build different structures, face deadly creatures and defeat them using items.

It has a variety of levels and each level is challenging as compared to last one. The game is played from First-person perspective and the character can use different tools, equipment, and weapons to progress through the game. It unlocks further content, levels, and objects as you complete the requirements. Score the highest points and challenge fellows to beat it. FortressCraft offers different modes, exciting features, and immersive gameplay.

The game takes place in the fantasy world of Growtopia populated with thousands of other games like motherload around the world. In the game, the player can create his imaginary world using different items and accessories. He can compose his own music and sell to another player to earn money. There are different professional such as Doctor, Teacher, Businessman and more. To jump into the game world, the player has to select his role and create his character as he wants. The player can customize his character with different outfits and can craft amazing items using seeds.

To unlock further content, he has to gather lots of gems and cool packs. The game consists of different events and achievements. The game revolves around three elements such as Punch, Grow, and Build. Growtopia is the wonderful game to play and enjoy. The game combines the elements of sandbox and role-playing and takes place in the fully destructive world where you can create your various structures using a variety of parts and blocks.

It offers the similar gameplay like Minecraft and GMode. The game is played from the first-person perspective and lets you explore the game world, navigate obstacles, gather resources and unlock rare blocks. There are a massive variety of materials, buildings, and resources to collect and use.

Score the highest points to unlock further content in the game and complete requirements to level-up. The game rewards you with exciting prizes as you fulfill your tasks and unlock other levels.

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It focuses on building and allows you to go wild with your creativity. Create your world and show off your friends. To destroy the buildings, you can use a huge amount of games like motherload and enjoy the destruction. With detailed environment, addictive gameplay, superb controls and best graphics, Detonate is the excellent game to play and enjoy.

The game offers the similar gameplay like Games like motherload and introduces different new blocks with unique properties. It enables you to go wild with your creativity and construct the house, building, city and village of your dreams using different blocks and materials.

The game takes place in the fully destructive world where you can destroy and create that you want. There are different animals to encounter, and you can explore the game world from the first-person view. Your character can run, jump, climb and walk using arrow keys and can perform various actions such as shoot, create, and craft.

The game world comprises different environment such as forest, cities, village and more. The ultimate task is to score the highest points and challenge your fellows to beat it. Discovery is the best alternative to Minecraft. Try it out. The game combines the elements of Dragon, Exploration, Sandbox, and Building and takes place in the block-based environment populated with blood-thirsty zombies and dragons.

The world consists of mountains, desert, jungle, and city. You can get into the role of the protagonist, who is a survivor and your main goal is to slaughter zombies and foes using different weapons. The game offers the environment similar to Minecraft. It has different modes such as Endurance, Survival, Dragon Survival and more. There are different blocks and each block has its unique property and use. You can show off your creativity in fully constructible and destructible world.

Play solo in single-player mode or with friends and other players in multiplayer mode. Navigate word, gather resources, and complete objectives to rank-up.

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Discover new technologies and blocks that you can use to build mountains, massive buildings, and rivers, etc. CastleMiner Z is the wonderful game to play and enjoy. Lunacraft is an immersive, Sandbox, Exploration, City-building, and Single-player video game available to play on mobile platform iOS only. The game combines the elements of exploration, construction, destruction, and combat. It takes place in the fully destructive world where you can get into the role of the protagonist and your games like motherload task is to explore and colonize the new moon and complete all its requirements.

You can explore the game world from the first-person view and can use different types of blocks to create shelters, buildings, houses, mountains, caves, trees and more. Navigate objects discover new technologies and blocks for further progress. Other content of the game will be unlocked as you fulfill its objectives. Here you can meet with aliens, some of them are dangerous and some helpful.

Games like motherload

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