Games like sim brothel

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Jun 7, As the title says, I am looking for Brothel management game where you can add your own girls and their images and fakes. As long as its easily editable or modifiable, that will work. I am sure two or three such games exists, but i can't remember their name or link. Please share your findings. Aug 26, Seems to me you just looked at managemet tagged games and was disappointed with the lack of features.

SoulReaverFo said:. My main requirement is to add my own girls and their pics.

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Brothel Management is the most common type of game that has this structure, if its possible in other type of games, i am willing to give it a chance. JHorcoc6 Active Member.

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Jun 10, Brothel King is a game that has that structure. Reactions: scrumbles. May 19, 4, 5, I added other girls to the game "The gift" by adding a hallway mod to the mansion.

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Mar 12, You can try free cities, it's mainly text based, but there is an option for you to add your own pictures and it's relatively easy. Try the pregmod with it adds to the original version. Show hidden low quality content. You must log in or register to reply here. Top Bottom.

Games like sim brothel

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Sim Brothel