Head of security sex game

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Sorry, this game is for premium members only! Spend a day as a security manager in a shop full of pretty girls. You'll have to deal with a naughty coworker and a very sexy thief.

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Make the good choices and you might get lucky! For the first time, our new porn game is available in Full-screen! You are head of security in a department store.

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One morning, Lydie, a checkout girl your flirted with last night calls you to report an attempt of shoplifting. Will you be able to handle this situation without making any professional mistakes? I really enjoyed it, though. I know but I want to see you again. We can meet a bit later? OK, tell me. What's the matter with Kevin? What a Genius!

I was just kidding. It could get ugly. Send me the file and erase it after. Nothing, I need to see what it did before I decide. You still have the footage? It won't be easy. See you.

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I make me crazy, I want more! It makes it even more exiting. A last one, please? What do we do now? One of your clients has been caught stealing in my shop. She can't speak English. Who is she? But she's a thief! So I'm sure they don't want journalists knowing about this. Maybe we can find a deal. Really, show me! Wait a bit, we're just starting.

I'm sure you like it too. I don't know. Show me what you can do. This one le to the final scene You can go now. Click on her left nipple 2. Click on her mouth 3. Repeat the above as much as you want. Click in between her breasts.

Not a bug. Click in between her breasts for a tit wank, then you'll advance. If you do that before mouth or left breast, you will miss them. I don't know if it's just me, but for three days I cant pass the Lawyer chick. She always calls the police I did it once, but since then, whathewer I choose, I screw Best Porn Games.

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Head of security sex game

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Head of Security