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There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Verified Purchase. It looks like and I'm just taking my best guess here Amazon has been trying to fold together products and their reviews that have been listed multiple times. If so they screwed up here, and if not I have no idea what's going on. So to be clear this is a review of Kasumi Ninja for the Jaguar. It looks like we've got some reviews for the Jaguar system itself mixed in here and possibly a review for Trevor McFur.

How odd. And if this mistake is somehow fixed at a future date and only reviews for the featured product "Kasumi Ninja" appear, just disregard these first couple paragraphs. I've heard good things about Ultra Vortek, so I'd like to try it, but it's more expensive than Kasumi Ninja and I had to go with what I could afford. Kasumi Ninja pretty much sucks, I probably gave it one star too many only because I've played the completely broken and incompetent Mortal Kombat Advance recently as a collector I don't shy away from bad games, but I'm reviewing this for normal people, not pseudo-masochistic sickos such as myself.

The graphics for Kasumi Ninja are actually pretty good. In classic "me too" Mortal Kombat fashion the game uses digitized sprites of real people. Actually the resolution is good enough that you can often see where the sprites have been doctored due to a presumably low costume budget look at the comanche chief's pants and tell me that's really what he's wearing. The backgrounds also look nice and the parrallax scrolling pushes Kasumi's graphics above the arcade versions of MK 1 and 2 in my opinion.

The controls are sluggish, stiff, and unresponsive. The instruction book gives you only the basic moves and tells you to "experiment" to figure out the special moves. This is ridiculous because the moves are more complicated to execute than they should be and there is no practice mode where you can fight against a stationary opponent.

Kasumi game the Official Jaguar Strategy Guide is the only thing that kept me from having to go to gamefaqs to find out what the friggin moves were. It turns out most of them require a half-rotation of the D-pad, rather than a more traditional quarter rotation, or three to four single direction taps. The game does deate one of its three buttons solely to special moves, a lazy idea but one that at least keeps you from having to guess which button to push after "experimenting" with the d-pad inputs.

But if you have Kasumi Ninja look the moves up anyways because the game is pretty much unbeatable without them. The best way to beat the AI in Kasumi ninja is to keep a safe distance and cheese them with projectiles. I believe every kasumi game has a projectile move and two other special moves. To my delight, unlike in the first four Mortal Kombats most noticeable in 1 and 4 the character's basic attacks vary in speed and range.

It doesn't nearly have the move variety of a Street Fighter game, but it does mean that each character has a slightly different feel to the way they punch and kick. Also it's worth mentioning that Kasumi Ninja has the most memorable special move in fighting game history. Angus the scottish brawler actually launches a projectile by lifting up his kilt and shooting a fireball from his genitals. Unfortunately, that's possibly the only thing in Kasumi Ninja that has the least bit of personality.

The game is ultra generic with a cast full of bland, unappealing characters that try to redeem themselves with the ultra-violent "death moves". The gore is certainly on par with Mortal Kombat, at least playing with the highest level of violence believe it or not there's five. The game doesn't kasumi game "mind reading", AI, even on the harder difficulty levels, making it beatable even with the implementation of limited continues. This is certainly refreshing, but as I said earlier, the most effective way to win is through cheap tactics.

And that le me to my final complaint: the story. Now it might seem anal to even consider the story when kasumi game an already bad fighting game. But stories are important to me, and the logic here is frustrating. Basically you're a ninja that's been training your whole life on Kasumi Island to be the best. And when the evil elder ninja Gyaku kills all the other elders and opens the gates to Hell, the gods call on you to defeat Gyaku and close the gates of Hell. To "aid" you, they open portals and allow you to defeat the best warriors in history, such as Angus with his fiery genitelia and an assistant DA who wears spandex at night to fight criminals with her fists.

In order to use a character other than your chosen ninja there's two to choose from initially but they're exactly the same you have to defeat them first. Ok, so if you've trained to be the best warrior in history, why would you need to assume the identity of other warriors after you already prove you're better than them? And why do the gods make you defeat all of them before they grant you the key to fight Gyaku? Furthermore, the game won't let you face Gyaku if you kasumi game it on easy, and when you defeat Gyaku's first phase on normal the game tells you "you've defeated Gyaku, but the gods demand you beat the game on a harder difficulty level to close the portal to the Netherrealm.

If these gods are so desperate for you to close the gates of Hell, why are they making you jump through so many hoops just for an opportunity to do it? Do they want the world to end? So that's enough ranting. My final word is that Kasumi Ninja could be worse.

That's really all the credit I can give it. One person found this helpful. I can't explain it but kasumi ninja is my favorite atari jaguar exclusive game! It has good graphics and controls once you get used to them plus its nice to play a mortal kombat ripoff when you've played all the different mortal kombat games.

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With the possibility that the Nintendo Revolution may be Nintendo's Last Stand as a home console manufacturer, it is time to look at a home console that brought its parent company to its knees. But first, a little background. However, some boneheaded decisions slowly brought down the company and the rest of the video game market.

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InWarner Communications announced it wants to sell Atari. Several companies made offers, but in JulyJack Tramiel, who just six months earlier had been ousted from Commodore, bought Atari's home consumer division and shelved all video game projects and concentrated solely on the home computer side with the development and eventual release of the Atari ST bit computer system. By Atari finally gave up on the and and started working on a new bit console called the Panther.

However, during the Panther's development, work was also started on a bit system codenamed Jaguar. Jaguar development eventually surpassed Panther development, so Atari canned the Panther and concentrated on the Kasumi game. Even the Atari home computer division was shut down so Atari could concentrate on the Jaguar. By the time the Jaguar was ready for release, Tramiel knew that if the Jaguar failed, it would take Atari itself down as well. Atari was determined to do everything right.

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It sold out! It seemed Atari finally had the hit everybody hoped Atari would have. The Jaguar was released to the rest of America in mid Sales were initially strong thanks to cool games like Alien Vs Predator and Tempest However, Atari once again got lazy with quality control, and by the end ofthe Jaguar was virtually dead. Then inthe shot around the world was heard : Atari was exiting the video game business by entering into a reverse-merger with floppy drive manufacturer Jugi Tandon Storage aka JTS and became simply a division under JTS.

Jaguar graphics : Graphics for the Jaguar, as with any other game console, range from "cool" to "meh" to "blech". At the opposite end of the graphics spectrum are games such as Club Drive. Jaguar audio : As with other consoles, it depends on the programmer. Tempest has outstanding sound effects and music. Alien Vs Predator has outstanding sound effects but no music save the title theme no in-game music makes the game VERY creepy. Trevor McFut has poor music and poort sound effects. Club Drive has awful sound effects. Jaguar controls : Depends on the programmer. Most games have good fluid control response.

However, Kasumi Ninja has sluggish controls, which ruins the game to a degree. Alien Vs Predator controls great even using the Jaguar button keypad is easy! of games and kasumi game game-to-bad game ratio : There are not many Jaguar games. Less than 80 were released. And to top that off, only about of those games are good.

Overall : If you want a great console with lots of games, look elsewhere. But if you want a piece of history, get a Jaguar. There are some good games for it, but kasumi game warned : there are lots of turkeys for it. See all reviews. Top reviews from other countries. Translate all reviews to English. Die Atari Jaguar war die erste 64bit konsole,demnach ist sie nicht voll ausgereift und einige spiele zeigen dass leider.

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Kasumi game

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