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Unfortunately, due to his not being a very good fighter Lute graduated last in his class and is generally regarded as a good for nothing by his peers and teachers. However, an encounter with a beatiful and deadly succubus will lead him to uncovering a conspiracy against the crown. Oh…all the girls have disgustingly oversized breasts that make them look like fat slobs. Finally finishing this game after almost half a year of intermittent play and I can honestly say it was totally worth it. I remember having second thoughts about downloading this, but boy was I in for a nice surprise.

Also,that plot was out of this world — lots of backstabbing here. What I did complain mostly about was the sorta bland endings and the surplus of sex scenes I would have shortened or even halved them. Possibly one of my favorite vns, is by Eushully. Hi, i really kyonyuu fantasy game download when the protagonist have sex in a group of males with the females protagonist and this game have the tag so, can someone tell me if we can avoid this scene?

If it makes the scenes where it occurs are magical clones of the MC along with the original. To help with the black screen issue, there was actually a patch released to fix the problem. Might be a good idea to that here. Worked for me and quite afew others.

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When I run the game all I get is a white screen. Please help I am running on windows 10 and my computer is set to japanese locale. This saves you the hassle of switching your computer regions back and forth for different programs.

I had played it fully and when i finished it i saw that i had no cg of isis is there a mess up on the game patch? I think I got about 10 images before the game became nothing but a black screen and text. So I guess you could call this a not-so-visual novel. I even tried to go to the title screen to see if its just a bug, and all that did was break the game. So its a half-working visual novel that got translated for whatever reason. Thats just sad. Running the game with japanese locale will fix the black screens and bad sprites. No idea if MG ever patched or updated this game but applocale or changing system settings is easy enough.

Just downloaded. Most of the routes work fine but the commander route. Even with japanese locale on. Lol guys to all of you who probably couldnt even recognize this but this is one of the famous hentai anime comes from Kyonyuu Fantasy :3 let the fun begin. Awesome game, I initially just thought it would be another normal nukige. The story is pretty good in a few ways.

It reminded me a little of Duel Savior. The structure of the routes is similar. The main protagonists name Lute Hende could be translated, kyonyuu fantasy game download and romaji considered, into Lewd Hands…. Lute is a nice guy and stays that way during sex. But also the story stays kyonyuu fantasy game download routes.

First a love story then a hard core eroge. Protagonist personality cracks down this way and the whole story will feel alien. I wish someone had ed this while I was still playing through the game The frequent black screens were annoying still, thank-you for spreading it around! I am actually reading it for the story while skimming the H-scene, guess i be spending much more time on this than i thought. Does anyone know if Mangagamer, or other translators, are planning to translate the sequels?

Because aside from the occasional black screen I quite kyonyuu fantasy game download this game. The story is dismal. There is nothing serious about the plot or the characters. No believable personality in whole game. And the choices are all go there or stay there. The scenes are ok I suppose although not my preference.

If only we could have another fully translated Eushully games, Kamidori Alchemy Meister is pretty much my favourite VN with gameplay. Walkthrough: protip, save at every choice so you can work faster. Load save 1 Become captain of royal guard save 2 continue searching for sanctum Isis end. Load save 1 Become stationed as commander Save 3 Class is finished Luceria end. Except for Isis end none of the side endings will give you more sex scenes, just some extra CG and story. Well, its still good since the harem ending is actually the true route, what bad news is the after-story is separated in the gaiden and not translated yet, too bad.

Gladys is a main heroine in the Gaiden 2 sequel to this, I believe. So rejoice my friend! She was my favorite as well. You guys!! After these 3 parts there lies kyuunyuu fantasy 2 and 3! Well, I have played it for a while but in prologue, but not encounter some problem mentioned like black screen etc yet. I know u want to play it first time, but maybe try using completed save file while playing new game, maybe that will fix it, maybe. But of course to play some japanese games, even if its already translated, u should change ur OS system local into japan first before play to make it works.

Already at the MC becoming commander, and still fine so far. No encounter any black screen yet, effect and delay in settings on, can skip text just fine, no problem so far, played on win Can someone point me in the right direction for it. When i start the game only thing wich I have is black window with message from windows with words Funbag Fantasy. I just a bug where I tired to save a bunch of time at the same slot at different points in the story and then it delete my existing saved data. Any help? And someone pls post the patch that mangagamer gave out.

I played the whole series! This series is such pleasure to your mind! Lots of humor all way till the end,no normal or bad endings! Really…the comedy is topnotch! Good grief the writing here is just staggeringly awful. The setting is just completely dropped right out the window. A knight academy, what? And just a few sentences in we get breasts being described as atomic. And of course, once more, our protagonist is utterly and completely worthless, yet will somehow through some bullshit get everyone crazy about him, because screw competence and hard-work, have some retarded wish fulfillment bullshit instead.

Writer is Kagami Hiroyuki, who did almost nothing but run-of-the-mill nukige with gigantic boobs. This is from the point of view from start to Boans, since I am pratically stuck there. How exactly is he worthless? I mean, sure he kinda sucks in the Technique aspect of things, but if that was all that mattered, Motaire, aka Mister Marcissist Think-with-my-cock, would be the protagonist.

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He even stopped the rebellion at Boans by pretending to be the Prefect then exposing everyone. Also, by atmoic, I assume he means nuclear, as in nuclear explosion. This is just a part of the game! You will know more in the later parts. Did you actually play the game? Too good!!! Thanks for the as always! I want to actually buy this game once I have the money…the world always needs more huge boobs. They actually released this as a final product? Skipping just makes it happen much much faster. It prevents you from saving or loading or doing anything really, except continuing until you reach a choice where it will proceed to go full retard on you.

I felt like asking him exactly how did he manage to reach those scenes, considering how I am stuck in Boans, probably for good at this point. I really pity the people who paid money for this, since I am kyonyuu fantasy game download type that buys a product after testing it out. I myself have never run into that problem despite running it on Windows 10 along with a crap grip of other programs and skipping some of the longer sex scenes. I also purchased and downloaded within the first hour it was posted. Have been waiting for this in years ever since the henai animated released, thank you very much XD.

Is it safe to download this VN? No hidden trojans or anything? Noble works got my comp boned cause of one part. Most of them unrealistically so. A quick google search could tell you that large breasts is what the game is about.

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Any other expectations were just silly. Objectively huh? That being said, I had low expectations when I began reading this, and have been pleasantly surprised with how much I have enjoyed it thus far. I sympathize with your disappointment, not every work of art is a fit for everyone. Yes, objectively.

Your review is worthless. Where are the pregnancy and lactation pros? You could say one of this eroges main features! But nothing. Not a word. Probably because the hentai of this is called kyonyuu fantasy. Kyonyuu supposedly translates to giant tit or giant tits, but they went with funbag instead. Works for me. This is pretty much the source of the conflicts, humor, and catharsis, which makes it all extremely effective.

The problem occurs on Windows 10 and Windows 7, so if anyone knows how to fix it the solution would be appreciated. Just save at that point and then load it, always works for me. Funbag Fantasy. Game download Free download Buy the game Related links. Funbag Fantasy HCG. Sakura Space ». ObsidianLion says:. December 5, at pm. Genzai Kakka says:. July 5, at pm. Fallenone says:. October 12, at pm. Rex says:. August 12, at pm.

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