Monster breeding games

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With a pixelated-look similar to the original Pokemon games for the Gameboy Color, Monster Crown brings a darker, more mature universe to the monster-taming genre.

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Developed by Studio Aurum, Monster Crown initially started as a Kickstarter project four years ago, gaining enough funding to bring the game to Early Access. Unlike in Pokemontrainers will be able to cross-breed any of their monsters to create entirely new species of monsters to battle with.

Appearance, color, moves, typing, stats, and even the moves the monster is capable of learning are all inherited.

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After a few generations, it will be impossible to tell what monsters you even started with. Will your decision make you a Savior?

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Or a dark Messiah? Pre-order information, along with special content that is available can be found on the official Steam and website.

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The official discord is also open for anyone towhich will include future update information and monthly player tournaments. Elijah Hunt. - to select or create a menu.

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Monster breeding games

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