Naughty classroom game walkthrough

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Nice game. Some help: Hint — click on items when the teacher is facing in the opposite direction or else you will get caught spanking time! Start the game by completing the single actions around the class room. Whew, that was quite something.

These are a lot of fun to execute but require some timing. The first one is the insect combo — click on the insect next to the black board. Now this is the fun part. When the teacher bends down to pick up the chalk, click on her which causes the student to throw the insect on her. The next combo is the Newton balls and the wind chime. The teacher will move there to examine the same, naughty classroom game walkthrough on the wind chime while she is in the middle of the screen, it will fall causing her skirt to rip.

The duster is next, click on it and the teacher will bend down to pick it up; click on the teacher again and the boy nearest to her will use her as a dart board ouch! Click on the clock on the top right hand corner of your screen, to remove its glass. Once the glass is removed, click on it again to speed up time and ring the bell. Next, wait for the teacher to move towards the classroom door.

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Ideally, when she is near the dustbin, click on the bucket placed above the door. Played this from the home site games2win after enjoying naughty park. Maybe some blokes can explain the humor in it?

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It was only when I started playing I realised what it was like! Can you explain the humor, Tosca?

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Niff If I recall wasn't Naughty Park along the same lines. Quit talking out both sides of your mouth. Its just a game anyways. I don't find a lot of humor in much of these point and click games anyway. Hey just saying this game was too much in my face compared to the others in the series- and some gamers as well!! Always stranding at I cant complete the game, more difficult than it lookes. That naughty sexist teacher wants to spank me all the time. Hi guys I'll give it a go.

I don't remember Naughty Park. Niff are u still here. Actually if u look at the story line. When i was in school Beat me, I know you can.

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At the end ,the boys take a picture of the wet theacher to the others: no wet teeshirt picture, just aframe of a wet head, happy for that This game is more difficult than the naughty park. Even with walkthrough you will restart 50 times. Try it. I like when the teachers boobs bounced I naughty classroom game walkthrough good graphics. I think that this is really sexist and alos it is very annoying and time waisting to do. Though unless your an adolescent then I guess it's good.

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Advertisement Naughty Classroom is another point and click game from Games2winwho is also creator of Naughty Park pnc game. You don't need good marks to top this class, just a wicked mind! Get naughty with Naughty Classroom! Point and click on objects to use them, pair 2 objects together and create a combo. This game is not suitable for children. Good luck and have fun! Play Naughty Classroom. I only wish I had teachers who looked half as hot when I was in school. Post a Comment Please read our Commenting Rules before posting your comment!

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Naughty classroom game walkthrough

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