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Return to Shark's games. A Perfect Wife here, you can speak about shark's games. Post a reply. I found two stars in the first part and three in the other. And the end, Eleanor sex with Steven. Thank you for answer. SiriusDar, ave. Where to click in the photo session when they kiss. Shark and Lady Jennie, but difficult to find all 3 endings, found 2 and have lost a lot of sleep but still trying for 3.

I would like to talk of the game but do not want to say something that might spoil the game for others who swim in the lagoon. Re: A Perfect Wife by tallpine62 » Mon, 15Oct12 wendyfan wrote: A very interesting topic and game however having loading problems with the game just getting a blank blue screen have tried "mirror" button as well very perfect wife game loading, any ideas please. I just got it like a few days ago. I went through mirror, but that only gets me as far as getting the game loaded and then asking me to put in my subscription codes again, only for it not to work period.

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Is anyone else having this issue? Shark has had trouble of late Re: A Perfect Wife by triggah » Sat, 15Nov14 I have found 2 of the endings but does anyone know how to get the third?

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Please, use the spoiler button to hide your answer. The ending where she fucks Steven in the living room and the ending where has sex with her husband when he comes home. If I remember well.

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