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Pusooy Games have been producing adult sex games for around 10 years. The gameplay.

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This can be frustrating, annoying at times, and sometimes down-right infuriating. Just like young love…. Most of the games have a storyline that revolves around the awakening of erotic and sexual adventure associated with youth.

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I actually find the whole click and discover process can actually help build the sexual tension and add to the experience in a similar way to you might remember your first sexual experiences. Eventually, though you find it and your patience or whatever you call that shouting at the screen is rewarded.

Most of the older Pusooy games are free and the first in the series of each of the new games is also free.

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You also get access to an Elite message board that gives you hints and tips and unlock passwords for each game. After you play all the available free games, I recommend you take up the membership, as I think you will find good value in it. Beach Party would have to be my favourite Pusooy game. The first chapter of the game is free and there 4 chapters in total to the original story. The first chapter looks like has been graphically updated since the first time I played it.

This one of the newer games and comes with 6 chapters. The graphics and animation are very well done. I thought the story was a bit too Scooby Doo for my liking and if you play through all 6 chapters it probably went on for too long. Probably because there were so many characters and getting in an animated sex pusooy games free with all of them must have been a monster job.

That said, I can recall being keen for the next chapter as it each of them were published, so if you like the concept you will probably love it as a play through game. Comes with 2 chapters and is an older game, but well worth playing. Probably one of the most frustrating to actually play though. The graphics and animation are dated a bit now, but the story and the play through is engaging and sexy in an adolescent sense.

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I really liked this game the first time I played it. Be prepared to work hard for rewards in this game, but there is plenty of great story and animation. Some might find the storyline a bit cheesball, but if you go with it there is a certain escapism in the innocence of the main character that makes it fun. Chapter 1Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 are now available for free.

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Not a big fan of this series. Probably because of the setting and story is fairly singular. If you are into traditional Hentai type games you will probably be ok with this one though. Adult Shopping. Adult Website Reviews. Adult Content. Pusooy Games.

Pusooy games free

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