Sex gods game

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You want it very dirty or a little vanilla Is your choice! Sex Gods sex gods game you the Rex's story, a guy who le a normal life in the company of his beautiful and beloved girlfriend, until one day by destiniy The new beginning of the game has some changes that will bring changes for future versions. Version 0. Not much in this game Add more may rate it better, but for now there is nothing.

Potentially a good game, I like unusual stuff like this. Art style not the prettiest but its good enough. Obviously, the game is very short right now. So it's more like a tech demo but it's not bad looking. Potential, but rlly wish you could go in reverse on the minigame XD Interesting game tho! Not much yet, but looking forward to when there's some actual content other than the intro and minigame!

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Quick Search:. Game Information. Discuss this Game. Warning : This is hosted outside of TFGS and we cannot confirm it's safety or track how many times it has been played. Proceed at your own risk. Version: 0. Synopsis Characters Walkthrough Changelog You want it very dirty or a little vanilla Welcome to Sex Gods!

If you find any errors in the script, feel free to point them out to me. I am not a native English speaker, so I tend to make mistakes.

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I'd appreciate it if you could also explain why it's wrong, so that I won't make the same mistake again. Much appreciated!

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This version is the public release and isn't the newest, the last version is only available for supporters and you can find it here! Main character: Rex: male, the prota of this game. Secondary characters: Cloy: girl, a little fox and servant of the Sex god ' Guapoman '. Rin: girl, the girl of our prota. Cloy's Lord: man, a sex god. Xina: girl, our prota rival. Clyde: Cloy's brother. Ben: Rex's friend and neighbor. New sex scene between Rin and Rex in the new extended intro.

New location - Library. New Rex's outfit - Librarian. This new outfit is included in your wardrobe but due to a few changes to the wardrobe system, your saved outfits in your saved games are not available so you will see the default outfit when you load your game, but you can make again your outfit and it can be saved.

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Updated special scenes window to make it easy to understand, now the button to start the scenes is in the bottom of the window and it looks like a normal button. Solved some bugs. Minor changes in Rex's walking animation and drawings for the same animation. New Cloy's Bedroom! New de for the empty room at Rex's house. Fixed bug 1: selecting the bull with the girl in the park.

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Fixed bug 2: the second scene of the chubby girl had two tennis layers in the left foot and one layer didn't change of color. Fixed bug 3: the game will freeze if you only have monsters that haven't scenes with the woman in the park cows and bull. Fixed bug 4: if you have in the window 'Team' two cows together in button 2 and 3 or 3 and 4then you open that window, and now you remove the monster in the button 1 and open the window again, the body colors of the first cow will be displayed in the second cow the first time you open that window.

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Sex gods game

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