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This event, the first successful revolution by enslaved people in modern history, sent shock waves throughout the Atlantic World.

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Regardless of its historical ificance however, this revolution has become less well-known—and appears less often on screen—than most other revolutions; its story, involving enslaved Africans liberating themselves through violence, does not match the suffering-slaves-waiting-for-a-white-hero genre that pervades Hollywood treatments of Black history. Slave Revolt on Screen offers the first-ever comprehensive analysis of Haitian Revolution cinema, including completed films and planned projects that were never made.

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In addition to studying cinema, this book also breaks ground in examining video games, a pop-culture form long neglected by historians. In analyzing films and games on the revolution, Slave Revolt on Screen calls attention to the ways that economic legacies of slavery and colonialism warp pop-culture portrayals of the past and leave audiences with distorted understandings. The book draws upon a sweeping range of films and video games a new genre on or about the Revolution as well as personal relationships and interviews with some recent filmmakers.

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Yet the skillful hand of the historian is omnipresent as Sepinwall brilliantly weaves together the history of the Haitian Revolution and the history of filmmaking about it, urgently calling for the yet-to-come masterpiece film on this historically epic Black liberation struggle for freedom. In this pathbreaking study Alyssa Goldstein Sepinwall considers a variety of films and videos about the revolution, showing how and why Hollywood and other major centers of cinema hesitated to portray the horrors of slavery, let alone Black slaves in rebellion against their white masters.

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Anyone interested in questions of race, history, and film will find much of interest and value in Slave Revolt on Screen. A trailblazing book on the depiction of the Haitian Revolution in film and video games.

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