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A s a certified social media expertI speak from experience when I tell you, the reader, that the best follows on the entire internet are ex-athletes on Instagram.

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Pau Gasol eating an egg? The lives we would all live if our wildest dreams came true.

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Last Friday night, Hall of Fame Celtics forward Paul Stiper games set the gold standard for all retired-athlete Instagram content when he, bafflingly, livestreamed himself, glassy-eyed and transparently wasted, playing poker with stiper games dudes while a bevy of strippers milled around, twerked at the camera, and appeared to be having a good, wholesome time, while a random midseason NBA game played on TV in the background.

He appears to be drinking booze out of a small medicine cup. Now, was Paul Pierce a beloved presence on TVs across this great nation? No, not really. One time he said he had a better career than Dwyane Wade, which was pretty funnyand watching him get stuff wrong was a delicious pleasure, simply because he was such an irritating NBA on-court presence during his career. He also may or may not have confessed to shitting his pants mid-game and getting taken off in a wheelchair to hide his shame from a national TV audience.

Who is ESPN protecting here, exactly? Everyone involved was doing A-OK, even taking the time to promote their own Instagram presences to everyone watching. You suspend him for a week or ignore it, and it fades into the background—some funny shit internet bozos mention and share with future internet bozos.

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What exactly necessitated his swift exit, when ESPN personalities credibly accused of sexual harassment get to keep working at the network? Did they just think it was tacky?

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Let Paul Party, you cowards. Crossword Newsletters. TECH Disinformation. Corbin Smith. Published Apr.

Stiper games

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Stripper Games