Summers birthday game

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Make sure to check out all our summer birthday party ideas below for adults, children, and toddlers. Ready to start your party planning? If so, make sure to have a time, date and location in mind, as well as your chosen theme. Need help picking a summer birthday destination? Then check out our resource on where to have a birthday party.

Once you have those important details figured out, you can get started on the other things, such as ordering your summer party invitationsmaking a guest list, and buying birthday gifts. For more specific tips, visit our resource on how to plan a birthday party. Looking for the right theme for your adults-only summer party? Get started reading to find your top pick. Break out the sparklers for this fun evening summer summers birthday game.

Stock the wine bar and head out to sea for a party like no other. Just remember to drink responsible and stay safe while aboard. Head to your local wineries for some outdoor tastings or plan a trip to wine country. Celebrate the vibrant colors of summer and your birthday by throwing a color party. This is a great party theme for fun photo ops. For a relaxing and tasty summer birthday party, invite your loved ones to a scenic picnic. Make all your favorite foods or ask guests to potluck.

Then make sure to pack some delicious wine or beer for a toast. This tropical theme makes for a summer party classic.

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Fill your party decor with pineapples, pink flamingos, and plenty of fruit flavored drinks. This theme also tacks on perfectly to a planned pool party. Looking for a fun evening theme for your summer birthday? If so, host a campfire. If you have access to a safe rooftop with a view, consider throwing a rooftop birthday party. Summers birthday game the sunset with friends, play music through the night, or even put up a screen for a cool movie night.

Just make sure you plan for parent chaperones to keep everyone safe. And for an extra special treat, end the kids party with a movie marathon on an outdoor screen. Take the kids to the local park and let them use up some of that abundant summer energy. Local parks are perfect ways to give your party plenty of space, and they often come with deated spaces for barbecues and picnics. Ask parents to bring their kids dressed in mess-friendly clothes, and move your nice backyard furniture out of the way.

Take the birthday kid and their closest friends at the local water park for the day.

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Bring a bounce house or inflatable obstacle course into your backyard for some high-flying fun. Along with a food table or party menu to keep their energy levels up, you may also want to provide some outdoor fun to keep summers birthday game cool with things like sprinklers or water balloons.

This theme lets you take full advantage of a fun costume party. Ask guests to come dressed up and plan treasure scavenger hunts, pirate water balloon fights, and plenty of free play time. For an imaginative touch, have plenty of markers, tape, and cardboard boxes available and let the kids build their own pirate ship. Throw a tropical pool party for your fun loving birthday. Along with plenty of decorative pool floaties such as inflatable flamingos, you should also create a tropical snack bar. Tasty treats might include fruit punch, watermelon bites, and even pineapple fried rice.

Other party additions may include flower leis, tiki torches, and Hawaiian music. Then checkout our ideas below. Bubble parties are picture perfect and easy to put together. Decorate your party space with plenty of balloons and leave out lots of different shapes and sizes of bubble blowers. Everyone loves ice cream, but few love it as much as the little ones. Throw your toddlers the ultimate ice cream birthday party this summer by including a fully stocked dessert bar.

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This may include sundae toppings, different types of popsicles, or even an ice cream truck. Lions, and tigers, and— butterflies? Let loose the wild ones with a face paint party. With the arrival of the warm weather, a whole new menu of tasty treats becomes available. Celebrate the coming of the summer flavors with a toddler taste of summer celebration.

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Summers birthday game

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Fun Summer Birthday Party Ideas