Swingers sex games

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Are you thinking of hosting your own swinger party? Swinger games are fun, erotic, a little bit naughty — and people often end up naked. See, according to the rules of this game, the last thing that should be on your mind is monogamy. Instead, the aim of the game is to have a red-hot affair with your partner — but with a twist, of course. Each throw of the dice presents increasingly sexy and funny!

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Bored of Scrabble and Monopoly? Wanna play a riskier board game that might swingers sex games removing your partners panties? LoveHoney Oh! Is a super fun board game that must only be enjoyed by adults. The better or worse you are at LoveHoney Oh! There are dares inside the box, in fact, and each one is deed for hot, flirty couples who want to try something a little bit riskier with each other, but who perhaps need a little help on the imagination front.

Sexy Dice is one of the most fun, naughties couple games around. This is where the Sex Dice game comes in. It consists of an Erotic Dice, a list of sexual activities — and lots of couples gathered together in a circle. Someone gets things started by rolling the dice, and whatever it lands on, they and the person sitting next to them must engage in a consensual sexual activity. Once everyone has rolled the dice, everyone will be pleasuring someone!

What will they be doing?

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Coupilicious Sex Game is a board game aimed at adults and swingers. It looks a tad complicated when you first open it up, but the rules are actually really simple. The game comes complete with cards ranging from mild cards to wild cardsdice, pawns, a 60 second timer and full colour instructions.

The idea is that you and other partners use the game to fulfil your hottest fantasies. Because, yeah, on the face of it, this is a game of conversation cards that helps you build a connection with other couples.

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Dirty Charades is a dirtier version of the tradition Charades parlour game. As such, the concept is really simple: You choose a card and start acting out the charade. This could be anything from riding bareback to swingers sex games blanks! The game is very funny and includes charade cards and a score pad. Intimacy Deck is similar to Touch and Tell in that it aims to increase your connections with your partner and other couplers.

This is a game that will turn everyone on and get all your guests in the mood for some seriously sexy fun later on. The rules are exactly the same as regular Jenga, except one obvious, rude twist: Each time someone knocks the tower over, they have to get totally naked. Just like Jenga, you play Strip Twister the same as you would regular Twister.

The only twist sorry! For many, it combines two of their favorite things: poker and nudity. The problem, of course, is that not everyone knows how to play poker. The game can keep going until someone or everyone is entirely naked or in their underwear. However, when it comes to swinger parties, Truth or Dare has to be super x-rated! In fact its called Truth, Flirt, or Dare.

Then, when it comes time to play the game itself, just stick to the rules of the traditional Truth or Dare. The idea is that each couple tosses their car keys into a large bowl. Then, somebody mitigates by mixing the keys up a bit before inviting each couple to grab a set of keys. If they happen to grab their own, they must put it back and grab another set. The men have to wear a blindfold, and a woman has to do something to them.

They can kiss them, get naked and straddle them — whatever they can think of! What matters is that everyone has some sexy fun. When I wasI played my first ever game of spin the bottle and ended up kissing someone who eventually became my first girlfriend! However, that was just a peck swingers sex games the check.

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The premise is the same, of course: Everyone forms a ring and sits down on the floor. Someone then gets picked out to sit in the middle, along with an empty liquor bottle. This player then spins the bottle, and whoever it faces is the person they are allowed to kiss. Instead, they get to choose between kissing the person or taking a swig from a liquor bottle that contains actual alcohol. They bring your guests together, help to break the ice, and they encourage people to get naked, to get kissing — and to pair perhaps and have sex. So I and my boyfriend have been in the lifestyle for some time now and we have a fairly new couple that just started full swapping as friends which we have played with a few occasions.

They had never been to a Fetish party and over the weekend they wanted to check one out to see how it was. We took them and well they were shocked a bit but found it interesting from an observation point of view. We left early to go back to our place, we live in a high rise apartment in the city as we valet their car a taxi pulls up behind us and 3 hot girls in club wear get out.

All 7 of us end up in the same elevator going up. I am looking at the girls and was thinking wow would be so much fun to invite them to go home with us. They dressed sexy all young and great bodies, pretty faces looked Latin. We come into the apartment and serve some drinks open the game box and start playing. The game starts with a kiss so after kissing everyone Of course longer kisses for the guests LOL we start playing and rolling the dice. For those of you who have never played the game starts mild with educational sex information, polls of sex questions, and either funny actions or stories you must tell about sexual experiences.

Then as it progresses gets wild. One card was about swingers sex games having to share a sexual fantasy with the group and the girls had some good ones. One was sex with multiple complete strangers, the other was playing with swingers sex games and the third was giving oral to multiple guys. As I heard these I can tell our friends the guys and especially me tingled inside deliciously. The interesting part is nobody wants to be the chicken and say no which is great! So, about two hours into it there are these cards called Cock block cards which you use as stealing an action.

The game is deed to eliminate jealousy by using the dice to pick who does what with whom. As you do things you earn these cock block cards and if a turn comes up and someone gets a card to do an action role play etc.

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You can steal the action with one of these cock block cards. What a great night! The sex went every direction except the guys played straight but the girls it was out of hand and they had never done anything like this before so it was even hotter! When the sun started coming up and everyone was looking for their clothes all over the place LOL, as it was removed little by little, due to how the game is played. I was very curious and asked: What would you say motivated you guys to have as much fun and go as far as you did? The agreed answer was. You guys all seemed cool and attractive so that and drinks we had a blast and would like to do it again.

What was the name of the game? Save my name,and website swingers sex games this browser for the next time I comment. What could be better?! The Sexiest Swinger Party Games: 1. Monogamy You can buy Monogamy here. Check on LoveHoney. You can buy Nookii here. You can buy LoveHoney Oh!

You can buy Box of Dares here.

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You can buy Twister Ultimate here. Check on Amazon. You can buy Sex Dice Game here. LOL So, about two hours into it there are these cards called Cock block cards which you use as stealing an action.

Swingers sex games

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