The generals daughter game

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Zeig04 Sep 06 Sep 07 Sep If you're like me you got stuck in the Temple running around trying to figure out what to do next and now you're here looking at this achievement. Go back to the column that is knocked over a little bit inside the puzzle room. If you hold down you can switch the character that you're playing as.

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Switch to Gnart and you can run right under the column, You're welcome :. Showing most recent comments. View all comments. I unlocked it 30 minutes ago and it worked fine for me even without visiting xbox. Gonna have to start all over just to get this one Posted by Priest Crow on 23 Oct 16 at But now i am intrigued why angry birds star wars isnt showing up over there Posted by Priest Crow on 23 Oct 16 at Leave a comment.

in and add a guide. Lots of spoilers. A step-by-step for anyone who needs it, for any reason. Then, you need to make your way back to Zaber. After a cutscene, go to the Zabirum Temple. Once at the temple, go through a bit and you'll see Ive and her crashed plane. Instead of going to the puzzle room you already cleared, go down the stairs. You will see two enemies, including a red lantern enemy. Defeat them. Using Amon, charge your Amri attractor with the red orb. Charge the Amri pylon that is by the gate, and activate it to open the gate.

The generals daughter game through the corridor, and 'forward' into the screen through the door. You are now in the puzzle room. Puzzle: You can press and the corresponding button for Gnart, for Amon to switch characters. Use Gnart to go underneath the pillar to the left, and defeat the blue lantern there. Use Amon to charge your Amri attractor. Go back and charge the blue pylon front and below and activate it. This will open the path to the left. You may also want to charge the 3 color pylon above with blue at this point.

Go through the left path and defeat the red and blue lantern. Get another red charge before leaving, for the 3 color pylon. Then get another red charge, you will need it for the new area. Activate the blue pylon again, switching from left to right being open. Go through and charge the red pylon. Activate the red pylon, raising the red platform to the left. Switch the bridge from right to left being open before you continue.

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Go back to the start, and use Gnart to go under the pillar to the left. Go across the now raised red platform, and defeat the blue lantern. Use it's energy to charge the blue pylon near it Activate the pylon. Go through the newly opened gate in the center, and across the bridge to the right.

Defeat the green lantern ha Get another green charge, and charge the 3 color pylon at the start. This opens a new path outside. If you want the chest to the right, activate the blue pylon front and below the switch again.

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Go through the open green gate on the right, get the chest, and exit the area. Path to Ive: Pretty straightforward. Head across the new path 'away' from the screen until you reach Ive, talk to her, and achievement unlocked! As much as I make fun, I actually kinda enjoy many parts of this game. PC Calixto01 Sep 01 Sep This is a story achievement and cannot be missed. After a lot of battles and some puzzles, you reach Ive at the crash site.

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The generals daughter game

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The General's Daughter achievement in Earthlock: Festival of Magic