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the adventures of Sam, Clover, and Alex! You've just landed on the Totally Spies Games. You will surely enjoy spending your time around here!

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Anyway, for those who want to find out more about the famous spies and the history behind their success, here are some interesting facts. At the beginning of the s world went crazy about spies. Special effects and were already becoming mainstream in the movie industry.

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The race to stock up on gadgets was long underway. The whole craze was initialized by two well-known movies with which you might be familiar. Of course, everyone watched Spy Kids. By this point, illustrators thought that the whole spy theme needs to be adapted to young viewers.

This is the context in which "Totally Spies! Totally Spies! The series follows characters as they cope with their daily student activities. Clover, Alex, and Sam go to school, dates, prepare for the exams totally spies games prom — all while working with the WOOHP for the protection of humanity. The show likes to keep it real by not throwing the spies into unsolvable situations.

Since the whole show is set in Beverley Hills, California, prepare to meet some archetypal depictures of the classic American teenager. One of them is Clover, the blonde girl of the three spies. She is the easiest to fall in love with a random stranger. You can guess at any given time Clover has boys, clothes or an upcoming date on her mind. In fact, in one of the episodes, she was struggling to find a date for a party because she had dated all the guys in the city! Her love for boys persuaded a dark knight to make Clover his queen, but she eventually dumped him for being chauvinistic.

Despite her passion for fashion, boys and seemingly mundane stuff, Clover is quick-thinking and sometimes the most mature of the spies. You may also see Clover in featured in some of the Totally Spies games.

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For instance, in Mission Clover Game you get to test Clover's flying abilities. Help her to avoid the bombs and destroy the other obstacles! On the other side, Alex is the most childish of the spies. She is kind-hearted, athletic, yet very tomboyish at times.

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You can see her literally interpreting figures of speech. She gets overly excited about new, cool gadgets their boss Jerry brings them for another mission. And although she is the fastest of the spies, she is most likely to trip and fall down! As the story progresses, viewers can see the three arguing, whether on a mission or over another boy. Totally spies games most scenarios, Alex will be the one to take a step back, let go of her frustrations and save the friendship.

Sam is slender tall and has red hair with green emerald eyes. She is the calmest, most straightforward spy of the trio. Unlike the other girls, she never mixes studying with fighting crime. She is the one to come up with all the crazy plans, whenever the spies are in big trouble. Being the most adult of the trio, Sam indeed behaves like one. Like in the middle of an exam! Or worse for Clover — a date! Jerry is the mastermind behind all the gadgets Totally Spies use, as well as all the briefings.

He actually demonstrated high-class combat and piloting skills in several episodes. A little bit overly trusting for a professional spy, Jerry has horrible luck with his relationships. On the website, there are also a few Totally Spies Games worth checking out for nostalgic fans of the series.

Help the girls to restore all the infected cash registers to the malls! If you are instead a fan of the strategy games, then you should definitely play the Spy Chess game. In this game, you need to strategically move the spies on a chess board, following some specific rules. The primary goal is to outsmart and capture the bad guys! The games offer an incredibly exciting environment, packed with totally spies games lot of action and thrilling gameplay.

Fancy gadgets, heinous plots, and gorgeous looking spies — welcome to the shape-shifting world of the spies! There are currently 12 free online Totally Spies games on our website. You can play the games on your computer or laptop, using any browser. Some of the games are also available for your tablets or Android and iOS phones. The most popular game is Totally Spies - Spy Chess, which has been played times so far, and the most rated one is Totally Spies Mall Brawl, with votes received.

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