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E Animation, Action, Adventure. The evil wizard Mordroc has kidnapped princess Daphne to marry her. Dirk the Daring will vdate games to use a magical time machine to free Daphne again. Votes: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi. FMV space combat simulator, where you play a cadet training to become a Starfleet officer at the Academy and have adventures there in addition to your training. Adventure, Horror, Sci-Fi. Built by the Americans as the ultimate defense system, AM accidentally became self-aware and eventually goes insane. Adventure, Horror, Mystery. Point and click adventure about a phlegmatic small town horror novelist Mike Dawson who learns that his mind has been impregnated with the embryo of a monstrous alien invader from an evil alien parallel dimension.

You play the crew of the U. Enterprise as they have adventures staged as the fourth season of the original series. Taking on the role of a rookie Imperial pilot, the player flies various missions in a variety of campaigns as the Imperials pursue the Alliance across the galaxy. T Sci-Fi. Mainly, the plot takes of where Descent left off. After blowing a crater the size of North America in Charon Violate, Vertigo 1 must head for some deep space mines, which contain deadlier See full vdate games ».

Adventure, Action, Sci-Fi. Action, Sci-Fi. Be a Rebel pilot during the Galactic Civil War. Fly the most famous Star Wars starfighters in furious battles against Imperial pilots. T Adventure, Mystery, Sci-Fi. Young FBI field agent Craig Willmore is ased to find Mulder and Scully as they've gone missing during their latest investigation into the paranormal. Action, Adventure, Mystery.

You play a freelance pilot who makes a living as a mercenary who gets targeted in a conspiracy for alien artifacts. Directors: Carole RuggierHarry A. T Action, Adventure, Fantasy. The honourable Atreides, the violent Harkonnen and the insidious Ordos fight a war for the control of Arrakis, the only planet where the valuable Spice can be found.

Stars: Donna J. Add a Plot. Adventure, Sci-Fi. Adventure game set on a spaceship. In the 22nd century, out of fear, the U. Those who oppose form the Alliance and war begins. Whoever gains control of distant alien ruins and time travel tech there, wins. E Action, Sci-Fi.

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Adventure, Drama, Horror. The crew of a research vessel on its way back to Earth are suddenly set upon by a silent predator who cannot be seen. You play the various rival nations of the Star Trek universe in a real time space strategy game. K-A Action, Adventure, Family. Votes: 1, Not Rated Action, Adventure, Crime. Loosely based vdate games the film Batmanyou play as Batman and fight through multiple levels of enemies and bosses, culminating in a showdown with the Joker in the bell tower of Gotham Cathedral. T Adventure, Vdate games, Romance.

A group of students at a military academy rescue a mysterious girl, who some say is the sorceress who wants to govern the universe. Votes: 5, Action, Sci-Fi, Adventure. When Encom programmer Alan Bradley goes missing, his son Jet is pulled into the world of the computer to find him and to stop a new threat destrying that world from within. Action, Adventure, Comedy.

Having been blown into outer space by Klaymen and Hoborg, the villianous Klogg lands upon a mysterious planet called Idznak. This planet is inhabited by an odd race of creatures known as M Action, Adventure, Fantasy. Two powerful sorcerers, Shang Tsung and Quan Chi, have ed forces to achieve the supreme goal: immortality. Will earth survive their deadly alliance? E Family, Sci-Fi. T Action, Sci-Fi. In in the Koprulu sector, a ferocious collective race known as the Zerg arrives to massacre the exiled human colonies while a highly advanced race, the Protoss, intervenes to exterminate the Zerg.

Votes: 4, E Action, Adventure, Family. Votes: 2, Based on the 25th novel of R. Stine's bestselling series, "Attack of the Mutant" comes to life in this enthralling adventure only on PC! The Masked Mutant is preparing a plot for world T Comedy, Mystery, Sci-Fi. Interactive tour and X-Files spoof. agents Mully and Scudder, on whom the show is actually based, in their secret trailer to view their tapes and files that prove that the aliens are here.

Things turn more sinister by the game's end. Action adventure game based on The Rocketeer With the help of his trusty plane and Howard Hughes' jet pack prototype, stunt pilot Cliff Secord must fight Nazi spies in s L. Action, Adventure, Fantasy. Omikron is a vdate games city-state in which the people are ruled blindly by an ancient supercomputer and a communist dictator with an iron fist who carries out the computer's orders.

Little do M Action, Adventure, Horror. On a remote island, scientist Doctor Kirk has been exploring the deeper reaches of science. After disaster strikes, commando Regina and her three teammates are deployed on the island to search for answers. Adventure, Sci-Fi, Fantasy. Rescue your friend Joe from the evil forces by finding the talking push-button car and riding it through ten randomized side ro. M Action, Adventure, Crime. After a group of extreme worshipers of new steampunk technology leaves the cult of builders known as the Hammerites to form a cult of their own called the Mechanists, master-thief Garrett is asked to investigate their true intentions.

M Sci-Fi. The Brotherhood of Steel, a faction of technologically advanced pro-human soldiers who survived the nuclear holocaust, becomes engaged in a desperate war. M Action, Horror, Sci-Fi.

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A handful of human and alien survivors trapped on a deep space station must fight an unknown monstrous invading alien force. Action, Adventure, Crime. An artifact is discovered in the Middle East that aids a scientist in creating a serum that unlocks the full potential of the human brain, giving them special powers called "Psionic powers E Action, Adventure, Comedy.

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His arch Action, Sci-Fi, War. Director: Joseph D. In this prequel to PS1 vdate games survival horror action adventure game Fear EffectHana and her female partner and lover, Rain, who was absent during the original game, are tasked to rob a high security bio lab. The Galerians want to destroy the human race. However, a young man named Rion who is a psychic, can fight against them. Action, Sci-Fi, Sport. M Action, Comedy, Sci-Fi. In the distant future, vicious aliens rule the Earth. Only bodacious babes survive, enslaved by the hostile alien overlords.

The women and the world need a hero. And there's only one man Stars: Jon St. JohnLani Minella. After losing his brother and mother to demon lord Mundus, demon hunter Dante and his new friend Trish embark on a quest to confront Lord Mundus. T Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi. Star Wars: Demolition is a vehicular combat game set in the Star Wars universe. Captain Hikaru Sulu of the U. Excelsior becomes embroiled in a series of conflicts involving the Klingons, the Romulans and the Interstellar Concordium in the Ensebaran Nebula. T Adventure, Drama, Fantasy. Twins Juno and Vela, with their dog Lupus, as vdate games of Jet Force Gemini must free the adorably furry Tribals from the evil interstellar conqueror Mizar and his insectoid army.

Adventure, Comedy, Mystery. A meteor crashes into Dr. Fred Edison's front yard and takes control over him. When Fred kidnaps Sandy, a college teenager, her boyfriend Dave Miller and his friends plan to break into the mansion and save her. Taking place around the movie's storyline, you are a lieutenant male or female leading a squad of troopers.

You first start at Klendathu as in the movie, except you are at the "safer" Adventure, Comedy, Sci-Fi. Their joy at finally being able to return home is short-lived when their escape is hampered by evil scientist In. Next ». TRON 2.

Title Type Video Games 4, Clear your history. Video Games 4, Sci-Fi 4, Action 2, Adventure 1, Fantasy Mystery Family Thriller

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