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You came here to honor an old friend, but instead of that you'll have to play as a gravedigger.

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The cemetery is a bad place. Especially at night. Especially in the world of Shadowrun. If you go right from Sam's grave, you'll get to the small branch with few graves and closed gate. On the second grave counting from the end [5] you'll see a marking.

Click it to receive Force 4 Abomination Elemental Fetish - a rare item, particularly useful for shamans. In the upper part of the cemetery, looking north from the Sam's grave, you'll find rows of closed toms. In the second row you'll find a marking [6]. Click it to receive Cavalier Frag Grenade. A bit further, in front of the tomb [7] located near one of gates, you'll find another item - Jazz. Once you get to this location, move forwards until you get to the group gathered over the view of family game walkthrough grave. Talk to Jessica Watts [1].

After a moment the ceremony is over and you'll go aside to talk to her again [2]. Once you finish the conversation, you'll be attacked by 3 Hired Gun and Mercenarywho run out from the branch to the right. They are not too demanding. In the first round they should gather in one place, which is a good opportunity to use an area attack.

This might be a little more difficult to handle. At the start move your companions behind suitable covers. During first two rounds your enemies should be crowded in a narrow passage, which is perfect for such attacks.

As for the order of targets, Mercenary Captain and Hired Mage should be at the top. Others are quite weak as for dealt damage, so you can leave them for later or use area attack in the branch.

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After rounds after appearance of B-Team, you'll notice some messages and some strange noises. A moment later you'll encounter a nasty tomb surprise - 4 Ghouls. If you haven't dealt with mercenaries yet, you can use the situation and withdraw to the branch on the right. Wait until your enemies deal with each other and then get rid of survivors. But if you have already killed mercenaries, you'll have to face all undead. The problem with Ghouls is their speed. They can run for a quite distance so they will get you almost always.

They attack only in close range but can poison you. In addition it is difficult to hit them. It is best to use magic against them or explosives. Try to eliminate them quickly, because after a while 3 more Ghouls will appear from the upper part of the cemetery.

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Try to use the distance advantage and attack them from a long range withdrawing with usage of 1 AP. After killing everything hostile on the cemetery, go to the defeated Mercenary Captain [3] and start the conversation. Unfortunately, you won't talk to him long. Once you regain control over you character, talk to Jack Armitage [4].

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Now you can decide whether you want to go to the new location or if you return to Seamstresses Union first in order to replenish supplies. Choose one of options and leave the cemetery with the back gate [8]. All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners. Game Guides. Games Encyclopedia.

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View of family game walkthrough

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